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ok.. well, I just got WKC on Friday. I played it for the first time Saturday afternoon. I must say I was initially impressed. Sadly, I didn't stay impressed for too long...

The primary issue I have with this title is... well, I guess it's my dashed expectations. At first, you think the game is going in this massive MMO direction. There is customizable items and equipment and you THINK that that is going to be the basis for some awesome online play. When you first realize that the avatar you created really has no place in the story, you feel a little disappointed. Then when you further discover that while it may seem like there is a massive crafting/customizing thing going on, in reality you have a very limited selection of what you can do or make. Later, i am told, you can create your own town and draw online adventurers to it.. with items and whatnot. I think that the online play is the only enticing feature of this game and that simply because it is the first MMO RPG for PS3. The battles quickly become terribly tedious and the battle system, while interesting, leaves you spending more time waiting than killing.

In short, the game hinted of greatness but achieved very little. Would i buy the game again? Yes, but I am a die hard RPG fan.. If you are not an RPG fan, steer clear and if you are a fan, be prepared to be both excited and disappointed.

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