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High Scores (latest)
System Game User Points  Date
Image Rollerball avatar bertsampson 7,319,560 13-May-18
Image Mendel Palace avatar MultitapMugen 2,774,640 12-May-18
Image Super Mario Bros. 3 avatar MultitapMugen 9,999,990 07-May-18
Image Ikari Warriors avatar bertsampson 554,200 06-May-18
Image Rampart avatar MultitapMugen 39,437 23-Apr-18
Image Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Booger 982,200 16-Apr-18
Image Double Dragon Booger 289,270 10-Apr-18
Image Palamedes avatar bertsampson 820,420 08-Apr-18
Image Zanac avatar NESMASTER14 1,288,360 25-Mar-18
Crisis Force avatar MultitapMugen 460,000 11-Mar-18
Image Jackal avatar bertsampson 999,930 07-Mar-18
Image Commando avatar MultitapMugen 996,150 05-Mar-18
Image Spy Hunter avatar gorfcadet 136,400 04-Mar-18
Image Dr. Mario avatar bertsampson 1,477,200 01-Mar-18
Image Donkey Kong Jr. avatar bertsampson 999,900 25-Feb-18
Image Contra avatar RegularNintendo 6,553,500 15-Feb-18
Image Cybernoid, The Fighting Machine avatar bertsampson 20,260 09-Feb-18
Image Trojan avatar bertsampson 164,900 18-Jan-18
Image Study Hall avatar bertsampson 94,620 14-Jan-18
Image Joust avatar MultitapMugen 247,000 06-Jan-18
Image Abadox - The Deadly Inner War avatar MultitapMugen 465,470 05-Jan-18
Image Hatris avatar MultitapMugen 74,211 05-Jan-18
Image Silver Surfer avatar bertsampson 9,999,852 04-Jan-18
Image Tecmo Bowl avatar MultitapMugen 99 03-Jan-18
Image Mappy-Land avatar MultitapMugen 271,840 21-Dec-17
Image Silk Worm avatar bertsampson 939,100 20-Dec-17
Image Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road avatar bertsampson 42,900 16-Dec-17
Image Robodemons avatar bertsampson 53,500 16-Dec-17
Image Magmax avatar bertsampson 376,000 16-Dec-17
Image Gradius avatar bertsampson 1,797,900 14-Dec-17
Image Breakthru avatar bertsampson 50,800 13-Dec-17
Image Trog! avatar MultitapMugen 75,127,350 10-Dec-17
Image Monster in My Pocket avatar bertsampson 9,999 08-Dec-17
Image P'radikus Conflict, The avatar bertsampson 20,150 06-Dec-17
Image Lunar Pool avatar bertsampson 9,850 06-Dec-17
Image Tom & Jerry - The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! avatar bertsampson 999,950 06-Dec-17
Image Krazy Kreatures avatar bertsampson 315,450 05-Dec-17
Image Solomon's Key avatar bertsampson 422,510 05-Dec-17
Dig Dug avatar Hax0rKyo 58,480 04-Dec-17
Image Get 'em Gary avatar bertsampson 253 29-Nov-17
Image Homebrew World Championships 2012: NintendoAge Edition avatar bertsampson 1,995,300 28-Nov-17
Image Isolated Warrior avatar bertsampson 744,600 14-Nov-17
Image Adventure Island 3 avatar bertsampson 147,950 13-Nov-17
Image Beat Em avatar bertsampson 328 30-Oct-17
Image Scramble avatar bertsampson 171,650 26-Oct-17
Image P.O.W. - Prisoners of War avatar RegularNintendo 25,300 22-Oct-17
Image BurgerTime avatar hypnic 53,200 21-Oct-17
Image Jaws avatar Roblicki 573,720 21-Oct-17
Image Arkanoid avatar BriGuy82 91,990 17-Oct-17
Image Double Strike avatar bertsampson 40,500 15-Oct-17