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PS4's Hidden Agenda... A Sneaky Upcoming Release! From the Developers of Until Dawn!

Oct 7, 2017 at 4:29:43 PM
Vivi-gamer (5)
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Ladies & Gents,

I've been looking up a game of interest recently called Hidden Agenda, which is sort of reminiscence of Quantic Dream Heavy Rain on PS3. You follow a few detectives within a thriller case as you being the player has to make decisions, which twist the narratives roots and branches as you play out the consequences. The concept is fantastic and some of my favourite games have had elements like this (Shadow of Memories, Heavy Rain, Catherine), but here we have a game which is trying something new:


What this seems to be is a set-up to where you can link mobile Phones/Tablet devices to the PS4 and explore with alternate ways to experience a game. It's almost a party game but instead of just partaking in competitive mini-games you journey through the narrative with your companions making the tough decisions as you go along. Looking at the developers press video, they note how they can use the screen as a different form of controller, revealing different information to select players which can change their perspective on the events of the experience from one player to another.

The developer here is Supermassive Games – The developers behind one of the PS4's strongest exclusives Until Dawn. But much like Until Dawn it seems like this title is sleeping under the radar completely! I first heard of it a few weeks back at Sony's Experience Conference, they showed off a trailer and it looked decent, but I had no idea it was out later this month! (October 24th in the USA &25th in Europe It just makes me wonder why Sony is not pushing these guys as they're seeming to becoming one of the newest companies with great potential. Looking into the game more I see Not only is the release date this month, but the price is half the RRP of standard release... Which makes me very skeptical. We've had a lot of Short VR experiences, which seem to show good examples of what the Tech can do, but I have still yet to hear of any 'MUST-HAVES' for the experience – Games like Resident Evil 7 are accessible off VR, which I did find to be a great experience!

I can't really seem to find much else on this title though, I mean with the pricing it make me fear it will be only a few hours worth – Which if it offers a compelling experience with re-playability I might not mind – Yet I still feel rather at odds with the title. On one hand I see it as an interesting game which is backed by a strong creative team which brought me Until Dawn, but then the suddenness of this release, the pricing, and just how unheard of within gaming publicity makes me all lost in doubt.

So I am curious to see what you think of this Hidden Agenda! Have you played Until Dawn and am as curious as I am? What do you think of the notion of PLAY LINK? I'll leave a few videos of the game press below:

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