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CECHB: Overheating or HD Issue? With DLC Only

Sep 13, 2017 at 2:21:39 PM
Zero Insertion Force (1)

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So my CECHB launch day PS3 is having an issue: I tried to download Gradius V from the Playstation store, and the first two or three times I uninstalled it and re-installed it, because it would crash right after the "Playstation 2."

Third time seemed to be a charm and didn't produce any immediate issue... But now, it crashes after about a half hour   By "crash," the system turns itself off with a flashing red light. I can turn it on again and start playing again no problem when this happens.

This doesn't happen with disc games or movies, but it's been this way for about a month when I try to play Gradius. I can't download any other DLC games to test without deleting Gradius (because it's a freaking CECHB with the original tiny hard drive.) Is Gradius just a crappy port? Is it possible the HD is going bad? Or might this just be overheating; but why only with Gradius?

PSA: Keep your slots super-loose!