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Master list of PAL codes

Feb 13 at 4:05:49 PM
shikatar (0)

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There are a lot of databases with lists of games, this site, PSDC and there are a lot of fragmented lists of demos, promos and other releases for the PS2.

But I'm wondering, is there some kind of master list that has info on every SLES/SCES/SCED-code from 50000 up until 55671 or so?

I can imagine there are lots of cancelled titles, especially later on in the range. But for one simple example 50172 through 50175 are all unlisted as far as I can tell. Maybe Sony released a list at some point, or someone has already compiled that info?

Aug 08 at 10:17:45 PM
MurdockEx (0)
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This is something I've been wondering about for a long time as well, and I sort of found something on accident.
I was looking up information on Final Fantasy XI Beta Version for PS2 when I found this:
The third post references a website called, but the website is dead.
Of course the next step is to go to the Internet Archive and here it is in all its glory:
I haven't poked through this too much, but I'm glad to have found this and will be using this as my base for tracking sony codes.