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Defining What Double-A games Are within The Modern Market Lesser Than Triple-A but bigger than Indie Games?

Sep 21, 2017 at 4:37:03 PM
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Ladies & Gents,

I've seen of late that there is a new phrase in town, now I have heard the use of 'Triple-A' as a definition of top tier titles – Your GTA's Call of Duty's etc. However I keep hearing a variation of that term used in the gaming context of 'Double-A' and I have to say I'm a bit baffled as to what that actually implies.

The article I was reading on mentioned titles like NieR: Automata or Persona 5, but to me these seem to be full-production projects, which would mean the phrase refers more to it's notoriety rather than production value.

However, recently we have had a rather interesting turn in approach to DLC from developers in which we are getting companies who develop full triple-A titles, releasing smaller side projects to their franchise. Most recently we got Dishonored: Death of an Outsider, which is essentially a spin-off title which lasts roughly half the length of the main game, yet maintains the sense of full production value. To me this could be a truer route to what Double-A could represent, if you can accept this diversion of DLC releases as true titles in their own merit. I've been thinking on these titles for a fw months now but I actually find myself very excited to what the prospect may bring. This generation we have seen pretty much every release have a Season Pass which often offers penitence worth of content, or even worse like Final Fantasy XV in which they cut-out content from the game and feed it back to you later – Have you seen their new FFXV Universe trailer? They're still adding patches with new story content... it's a joke. If these 'DLC Titles' can offer shorter experiences than main game but more fulfilling experiences than DLC episodes I think it could be a good route to go.

It's complicated because when I consider what theorising a 'One-A' title would be I just think of indie trash on the PS Store – But then of course you get more substantial titles like Firewatch or Fury. Maybe a 3 tier system is just too tricky, maybe we need a system which offers a better understand of the grading of production value.

I'm just curious to what you may think, can you come up with your own grading category with examples? I'd be intrigued to see  


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