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Jun 10 at 2:22:56 AM
sean42 (0)

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Hi to Every 

    I really need help on getting a codebreaker 10 that runs.

     I have downloaded and ​unzip the files for codebreaker v10.iso

     Which gave me the files SLUS 203.44 and SYSTEM speed dial.


      I burned all this to a CD thinking it would run. Well no it did not load up in the PS2


     Ok then I down loaded codebreaker 9.2 + boot


      I unzipped those files and burned them to a cd and it did not work also.


     I had the files now




     Ok what does it take to get a codebreaker program up and running.


     I wanted to use it to re-format my PS2 memory cards and what ever else you can do with it. I really need

it now so I can re format my PS2 memory cards that had corrupt files on them. I bought them used and of

course people corrupted them by turning the machines off before the save funtion was done.

Then in returns puts a corrupt file on the memory cards.


Please help with this.


Thank you very much


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Jun 10 at 5:31:16 AM
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.ELF files are used on the Free mcBoot setup arent they - I knwo you can use Free McBoot to run software off your Memorycard - I did to run an Exploder cheatdisc that can change the resolution output of games.


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